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Ash Smith

Ash is a coach, consultant and speaker with over 20 years experience of helping people make permanent behaviour changes.
Ash has worked with some of the world’s best practitioners in performance psychology and leadership, working towards his philosophy of building
“adaptable experts”: people who can think on their feet and deliver under pressure.


Within tennis as has worked at all levels of the game, from coaching in schools, to running commercial leisure clubs, to coaching professional athletes.
Outside of tennis Ash works with organisations and companies to help them develop better leaders, build & maintain high performance teams
and have more winning conversations.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of leadership – what is it that allows great leaders to take a group of people and help them achieve things
that they never thought themselves able to achieve? I set out to understand what leadership really is – what are the common characteristics of great leadership,
how do great leaders behave and how do they influence others to achieve incredible things. In this course I’m going to share those findings with you
so that you can develop your own, authentic, leadership. I hope you enjoy and I know you will find value in the course”   – Ash


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