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Strengths, Super Strengths & Overplayed Strengths

  /  Strengths, Super Strengths & Overplayed Strengths

Strengths, Super Strengths & Overplayed Strengths


Play to your strengths

As a leader, understanding your strengths is a vital component in developing your authentic leadership style.

But articulating your strengths can be tricky as we have a tendancy towards the negative and as such focus more on our weaknesses.


Defining your strengths exercise

In the materials tab you will find a link to download a pdf of a sailing boat and a hot air ballon drawings (but feel free to draw your own). Think about your current strengths and your areas to work on.

Write your areas to work on in the water or on the basket of your balloon. Write your strengths on the hull of your boat, working your way up so that your super-strengths are on the sails, or on your ballon write your strengths at the base of the ballon, working your way up to your super-strengths at the top.

This will help you develop an understanding if where your strengths lie and how they integrate into your leadership style.


Spend some time thinking about how your strengths/super-strengths and your values/behaviours align – this will give you a good steer into developing your authentic leadership style.


Over played strengths

Be aware, it is also possible to over use a prticular strength, at which point it can become detrimental to your leadership effectiveness. For example, if you consider rapport building to be a super-strength, by being overly friendly as a leader it is possible for team members to see you more as a friend than a leader, which potentially makes difficult conversations even harder – especially if it comes to performance management.


Strengths and Super-Strengths - click to download pdf

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