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Prioritise & Execute

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Prioritise & Execute


So, you have to make a decision?

Teams look to leaders to make quick, clear decisons, particularly in times of pressure or uncertainty. The leader who dithers and delays can quickly lose trust and as we discussed earlier in the course trust is the key building block of effective leadership.

So, when you are called upon to make a decision, it’s time to – Prioritise and Execute

Take a breath, look around, make the call…

  • Evaluate – what are the options? What could we do? What happens if we do nothing?
  • Highest priority – what needs to be done now? What’s the mission critical failure? Where’s the low hanging fruit?
  • Develop solution – what will make our boat go faster?
  • Execute – what resources do we need to deliver – people/things? Do we have them? Can we get them?
  • Repeat – what’s the next thing?
  • Plan ahead – contingency planning

Following this checklist will help you make decisions more efficiently and more effectively.

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