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Leading through Change

  /  Leading through Change

Leading through Change


The only constant is change!

How we live and work is drastically different today from what it was five years ago—let alone 20 or 30 years ago.

  • Change surrounds us in the form of climate change, globalization, diversity, and dozens of other things. Change is constant and has always happened.
  • What’s different about today is the rate at which change occurs. To be successful, organizations must be constantly looking forward, and leaders must lean in and embrace change instead of shying away.
  • Future leaders need to be agile, easily adaptable, and comfortable challenging the status quo.


When I asked CEOs what they viewed as the biggest trends impacting leadership, the most common answer I received was the growth of artificial intelligence and technology.
With the excitement of AI and new technology comes fear and uncertainty. It’s up to leaders to assuage those fears by looking for ways to implement AI that adds to employees instead of replacing their jobs.
Leaders need to be well-versed on AI and experiment with new technologies so they can help others understand the potential impact on their jobs.


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