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How to use this course

  /  How to use this course

How to use this course


How to use this course

The course is laid out in a modular format. Each module has a number of topics, which contain videos, presentations or text information on the relevant topic.
At the top of each screen you will see a progress bar, which indicates how far through the course you currently are.
From the module content screen select the first topic in the topic list to continue
As you work your way through the information presented, use the “mark complete” button at the bottom of each topic screen to update and save your progress.
Once you have completed all the topics in a module, click the next module button (bottom right) to continue.


There is no formal written submission for this course. In the course resources you will find a pdf document which you can print off and complete. We recommend you complete this as you work
through the course information – this document will ultimately form the basis for your “leadership bible” which shapes your leadership philosophy and behaviours.

On completion

On completion of the course you will receive the evolve9 Certificate in Leadership in association with PTR and OrangeCoach.



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