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  /  Uncategorized   /  THEY ARE JUST NOT GETTING IT!


A few posts online around learning today! Learning and teaching of course are not ying and yang and much is learned without being taught consciously but there are also principles of readiness that we should all understand. When a child is read they learn quickly and fluently, learning is both effective and efficient, and it sticks! So what are the readiness factors we need to consider!
  1. Motivation – If the kid wants to learn then they learn faster. The WHY must be strong and clear in their mind and this must be their WHY, not yours!
  2. Capacity – The player needs to be mentally and phsically ready to learn based both on their stage of development and the pre-requisite skills
  3. Opportunity – Finally the environment must allow them to learn, and that includes equipment, courts and crucially YOU the coach.
If one of these is not there then learning with be slowed and can be frustrating for both player and coach. When they come back the week following you will wonder if you had been speaking a different language.


So before you press the teach / coach button make sure that you have considered these!


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