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If we want people to smile, and we want their eyes to sparkle for our photos, it makes sense to have them think about something passionate and sweet instead of something stinky and smelly. Forming the “Ch” and “ee” sounds of “cheese” can pull your cheeks up into a smile. But saying “chocolate!!” meets much more.

That was his response when I asked Mark to sign up for the tournament! "Mark, it's a round robin you will get to play lots of matches!" "Great more opportunities to lose!" came his response and he went back to watching the TV in the clubhouse! Some kids are just not competitive I guess but I didn't get

A few posts online around learning today! Learning and teaching of course are not ying and yang and much is learned without being taught consciously but there are also principles of readiness that we should all understand. When a child is read they learn quickly and fluently, learning is both effective and efficient, and it sticks!

To what degree are you coaching based on the motivation of your players? Kids today are more involved in the decision making of what to do than ever before and so may opt for the short term gain and social credit more than what they actually need. How are you balancing teaching tennis over athletic skills

The buzz on my phone was to remind me that it was time to leave for my Covid vacination (a day that brings relief to almost everyone) .. So out of the gate and off for a walk like Hairy McCleary from Donaldsons Dairy (if that is lost on you then you missed out reading Julia

We post a lot here about developing programs but also spend much of our time invested in being better coaches. So prompted by a comment from Adam Kohlbeck last week I thought it would be nice to revisit this! I ask this question a lot on workshops! What is the worst question in the world to ask a

It may sound like a weird statement but let me explain! There are multiple posts on the value of competition in this group, so of course we think kids tournaments are important (in fact I would venture it's the most under developed and greatest need in kids programming today!) but look at the headline again! It's

Ok so you have have enthusiastic parent! Great! But he wants to "work" on things? Hmmm maybe not so great! But the kid gets to practice and they are committed! Great or not?   It's a dilemna most of us have faced and of course there is no perfect answer but here are a few things to consider!  

Today is my birthday so I am not sure what I am more excited about, the 5000 presents that will no doubt arrive from my facebook friends (feeling sorry for the mailman) or my giant birthday cake?   It’s weird how my brain works! Everything becomes a metaphor for child learning, programs or some form of development.   So let’s

Looking like a strange cross between a scifi landscape and a warehouse a skateboard park takes a whole lot of thought. They don't scribble a sketch and build some random hills. The curves are calculated and connected from the angles to the run off!   There is something deliberate about this very expressive and creative place! Kids roll,

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