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Today is my birthday so I am not sure what I am more excited about, the 5000 presents that will no doubt arrive from my facebook friends (feeling sorry for the mailman) or my giant birthday cake? It’s weird how my brain works! Everything becomes a metaphor for child learning, programs or some form of development. So let’s

Looking like a strange cross between a scifi landscape and a warehouse a skateboard park takes a whole lot of thought. They don't scribble a sketch and build some random hills. The curves are calculated and connected from the angles to the run off! There is something deliberate about this very expressive and creative place! Kids roll,

Most of us have heard of the concept of Long term athlete (player) development. As part of this there has been a big discussion around the ideas of early specialisation. Should a player choose one sport and stick with it or play multiple sports to develop an multi-dimensional skill base. Most experts agree that from a

Woke this morning to a thread on another group. Where someone described a Kids Tennis Program as a LEARNING program! Innocent enough comment that made my heart sink. Really interested in your marketing headlines following the comments yesterday from the dynamic duo of Lara Suarez-Neves and Christina Mihaela Carare. It occurred to me that while we

How the curse of gaming actually helped my coaching Christian was a handy 11 year old lefty.  Previously he had pretty much kept to the baseline and played pretty conservatively.  Today he surprised me by slicing his first serve out wide to the backhand, charging straight to the net and angling away my return with a crisp

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