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Tennis is an open skilled sport, however many younger juniors are often drawn into playing in a closed environment. This often places them as the centre of the match situation opposed to a balance between them and their opponent.   The more quality of information a player can collect from the opponents game the more likely they will

Of course we are biased. We love tennis, but every once in a while it is worth reminding ourselves that those that don’t yet play may not see tennis as we do. As we move into a new era of sports  it is worth reminding ourselves why tennis is the among the healthiest ways to get

The fascinating book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle raises the issue of “ignition” as a key part of the development of elite performers. One of our key jobs as tennis coaches is too spark a flame of passion for the sport in our students.  Whether we are aiming to develop pro players or building a program

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