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If we want people to smile, and we want their eyes to sparkle for our photos, it makes sense to have them think about something passionate and sweet instead of something stinky and smelly. Forming the “Ch” and “ee” sounds of “cheese” can pull your cheeks up into a smile. But saying “chocolate!!” meets much more.

I say this not to brag (well maybe a little bit!), but to illustrate an interesting point. NB. She gets that from her mother, definitely not me! She is 4.5 years old (going on 15) and numbers have always come fairly easily to her. She very quickly learned to count to 100, to count up in 2's

That was his response when I asked Mark to sign up for the tournament! "Mark, it's a round robin you will get to play lots of matches!" "Great more opportunities to lose!" came his response and he went back to watching the TV in the clubhouse! Some kids are just not competitive I guess but I didn't get

It may sound like a weird statement but let me explain! There are multiple posts on the value of competition in this group, so of course we think kids tournaments are important (in fact I would venture it's the most under developed and greatest need in kids programming today!) but look at the headline again! It's

Ok so you have have enthusiastic parent! Great! But he wants to "work" on things? Hmmm maybe not so great! But the kid gets to practice and they are committed! Great or not?   It's a dilemna most of us have faced and of course there is no perfect answer but here are a few things to consider!  

The fascinating book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle raises the issue of “ignition” as a key part of the development of elite performers. One of our key jobs as tennis coaches is too spark a flame of passion for the sport in our students.  Whether we are aiming to develop pro players or building a program

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