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Here are the maths of packaging your program. Based on GB Coaches and traditional club so obviously it needs tweaking for each scenario and some of you may be shocked at how cheap it is but rates are typically low in the UK..


Lets assume its a 12 week term and you charge 8 per hour for group. So you used to charge 96 for the term (assuming one hr classes) and this was 12 hours of your time. And you have 72 players across 3 levels in your program who right now only come one time per week. 6 Players per class and so you are doing 12 hrs of groups per week. Income = 6912. Total Hours 144


Now you run 3 matchplays of 1.5 hrs per week (one for each of the groups and add 2 GBP per player – seems crazy cheap but its packaged so everyone is paying this even if they don’t attend) so now you have another 4.5 hours work per week x 12 weeks (54hrs) 72 kids x 24 added income = 1728


Now you add two tournaments for each level during that 12 week period at 10 each (1.5 + 2 + 2 Twice) (total hours per 12 weeks = 11) and one social at 5 (all come to one social so 2 hrs) so that 72 x 25 = 1800


So your total hours = 144 + 54 + 13 = 211


Total income = 6912 + 1728 + 1800 = 10440


Cost per player = 10440 / 72 = 145


Total Activity = 8 Lessons + 8 Practices (12hrs) + 2 Tournaments (3 or 4 hrs) + 1 Social (2hrs) = 26 hrs of activity


172 / 26 hrs = 5.57 per hr


So now .. kids get 26 hrs of activity instead of 12 for 49GBP more


Coach receives 10440/211 = 49.47+ per hr


The key to this model is that you are not adding more players but getting players to play a reasonable amount of tennis. You can make the tournaments, social and matchplay cheap (10,5+2) because everyone pays for the package. Your hourly rate will goes up slightly but running matchplays and socials could be done by an assistant and even if not these sessions plus the tournaments are not hard time on your body teaching hours.


Yes there is an upsell on all this which seems like a jump from 96 to 145 but you now have purpose to everything that you do. The two tournaments are built in and now kids know what they are practicing for.. Throw in some teams and a t-shirt for an extra 5 and you have a complete program with lessons, practice, tournaments and social for just 50 more over the 12 week period.


Of course if your market is very price sensitive this may not be possible but for many of you you have to add another lesson or two per week and up the numbers. It’s a model and many of our clubs are moving in this direction and get greater retention and very little pushback.


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