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Route 1 Rallying …. Intro

ROUTE 1 RALLYevolve9 has long been involved in writing and developing programs, so we wanted to write a series of blogs to tell you the process and hopefully help you to improve your own programs.

A program is like a rally. Not a tennis rally but a car rally! You are going to need some key things in place, on order to make the most of this process. The good news is that it is actually not that complicated. Just like the rally you need

A Map – It’s ironic that so many programs still don’t have competencies or profiles to say what a player must be able to do at each stage in order to graduate to the next level. But just like the rally, no map not only means no finish line but also no direction during the race. More to follow on this in Route 1 Rallying #1…

A Car – the car not only is the way in which we get from A to B but also the component parts. If I said what is the difference between a porsche and a volvo, or for our US friends a mustang and a Chevy HR, you would have a few comments to make. But like most modern cars they all do the job just in slightly different ways. For you your vehicle is the principles that you have day to day, more live ball, or problem solving, or physically demanding, or team based. More to follow on this is Route 1 Rallying #2 …

Finally you need a Great Driver! Even if you have a NASCAR or F1 car parked on the driver it doesn’t do much other than make you look good until you have a world class driver, or team of drivers in a tennis facility. Investing in the drivers is a crucial part of delivering a great program. As much as we write programs for facilities and federations all over the globe, we still hand them over with some trepidation. I liken it to giving birth but putting the child up for adoption! The message on the initial trainings is always the same! “We worked hard on this to make sure it was a great program, please don’t screw it up!” Route 1 Rallying #3 will elaborate on this area …

Follow along on this series, we will be posting one blog a month to help you clarify your direction, build a great map and work with your staff to make them great driver….

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