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PTR Kids Tennis

The PTR Kids Tennis Programme was developed in 2007 to support the USTA Quickstart programme. The PTR had always provided excellent resources for supporting programs for children but was looking for an undated product to replace the well established Munchkins Program. The key considerations included providing a product that complimented Quickstart rather than being an alternative.

The project included developing

  • workshop, and manual
  • promotional materials
  • downloadable certificates and posters
  • and a fresh approach to U10s tennis.

The project also included training tutors to deliver the workshop across the US and in selected other countries. PTR Kids Courses continue to be run across the US and program, and in 2009 the PTR Kids Advanced Course was run at the PTR International Symposium. We continue to have close links with the PTR in the US and help them develop the knowledge and resources to help support USTA and ITF Initiatives.

What the PTR say!

Mike was made the Worldwide PTR Professional of the Year in 2007, largely in response to his work in this area!
Thank you for your conducting your Specialty Courses, PTR Kids and PTR Kids Advanced during the International Tennis Symposium. They were the most popular courses we offered. Thank you for providing such excellent information for our members. Mike, we are very fortunate to have you! We always appreciate your expert knowledge and your support

Julie Jilly
PTR Vice President

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