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There are six times when a kid and others look to a parent as if to say “You should have the answer here and know what to do!” We parents don’t always know what to do and most of the time are just trying to do our best! These are the times we would appreciate your support and understanding as a coach! These are the
  1. When anything is new – Please provide us with more information that you think we need, explain the expectations and go slow! It’s all new!
  2. When the wheels fall off the bus – Our primary instinct is protection so help us to help our child to deal with the bumps in the road and not over react when they lose or experience disappointment.
  3. When our kid plants the flag – Yes we will get excited with the big win so help us to keep things in perspective and not over react which may create future pressure on our child.
  4. When the world’s not fair – Yes we are rational, most of the time, but when the other kid cheats or our kid isn’t moved up when we think they should be, slow things down and show us how these moments can be plateaus that lead to the next big climb.
  5. When we don’t recognise our child – Hands up if you ever did something to embarass your parent! We need to know what to do when our child acts up and to know that you have an environment that helps them to learn the behaviors we are proud of.
  6. When the Peacocks Circle – When everyone is telling me I should take my kid to another club, just know that if you help me with 1 – 5 above I will go to bat for you and we are going nowhere!
This parenting job is a crazy tough job so don’t think that I am not under pressure too! I need your help so that I can feel safe in knowing that when these six pressure points come, you have my back!


Thanks Coach!


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