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  /  Uncategorized   /  OOPS A DAISY!


He stumbled, tried to recover and with arms outstretched bounced into the ground! I remember thinking I wish i only had that far to fall and bounced like that, but then he was 2 and I am 52.


“Oops a Daisy!” said his mum in a cheery voice. The face screwed up, the was a momentary pause as if he was deciding if he should let the flood of tears explode from his little red face and then came… “What a brave boy you are!” encouragingly from Dad!


A quizzical look, a smile, a laugh and he waddled to hit feet like a baby penguin, and started running again!


When does that stop? When do we expect kids to not make mistakes, emotionally, mentally, physically? When do you get to be perfect to the point that you always perform at your best? When you can focus for three sets with no blips? When do you get to the point where you don’t need the people you love to say “Oops a Daisy!” and smile when you fall.


I hope it comes soon but at 52 I am still waiting!


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