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Never Forget the Importance of the First Coach

“She has had an incredible effect on my career, and she has taught me all the basics of the tennis,” he said. “I always go back to her and, share the success that I had and remembering those moments in the childhood when we were starting to play tennis. She was one of the very few people, including my family, that actually believed in me, that believed that I could be the best and I could be, a Grand Slam winner.”

World #1 Novak Djokovic fondly recalls the inspiration provided by his first coach. Novak is not alone, studies have shown the critical importance of the first coach in getting children excited and passionate about tennis. By providing a great environment with lots of praise and learning opportunities the U10 coach can lay the foundation for a life time involvement in tennis…and even a world #1 and grand slam champion. While most players will move on to another coach or a national federation during their development, never forget how important your role as the first coach is!!


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