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Make Learning Stick – Part 2

16-04-26_VicTennisAcad_00231In our previous article we explored the learning concepts of:

  • Open vs Closed Skills
  • Light the Fire
  • Challenge

In part 2 we dive deeper into the learning techniques which are proven to make learning stick.

Implicit Learning is Superior

Implicit learning happens in an unconscious way, kids are not aware they are learning but the environment you have created is challenging and rich.  Explicit learning occurs where students consciously acquire the information, usually through verbal instruction.

“Learners perform and retain the implicit component of tasks better than explicit components.”  Schmidt and Wrisberg

Research shows that skills learned implicitly are performed in a smooth, flowing way.  Performers produce movements with little or no awareness of what they are doing.  This is the state you observe when you see the absolute elite, making the most difficult skills look absurdly easy.  When you see Roger Federer return a 200km/h serve with ease you are observing a skill he has learned implicitly over thousands of practices.

Explicit learning on the other hand is linked with clunky and mechanical movements.  Choking, that horrible and seemingly unavoidable sensation, may be caused by learning a skill explicitly.  The effort in retrieving the skill learned explicitly causes performance to fall and even the professionals are susceptible to choking.

The way to encourage implicit learning is by creating a great learning environment.:-

  • Always include reception skills in your practices so students can develop their anticipation
  • Include movement in all your activities so students can build their athleticism
  • Present great role models of action so young students observe and copy technique and intensity.

Mix Up Your Practices

Traditionally it was thought that the learning was better when you practice with a single skill in mind, go and serve 100 ‘kick’ serves.  We now know that Mixing up, or Chunking your practices results in better learning.

The rest of this Special Report reveals more strategies to make Learning Stick and is available to our evolve9 Coaches Network members by clicking on the link below.

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