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It’s All Their Fault!

own-your-storyDear Tennis Coach,

Just in case you need to complain, here is a list of things you can blame for the lack of development in the global tennis market.

  • Computers, phones and online gaming
  • Equipment
  • Finances
  • Parents
  • Facilities
  • Government investment
  • Competition from other sports
  • Officials
  • Tennis Federations
  • Manufacturers
  • TV Coverage
  • Busy lives
  • Tournaments

Venting over? Now look at these as tennis player would!

These are not barriers, just challenges and tennis people love a great battle. Look over the net a see the challenge you want to help with. Read the list again as if they were on your side of the net! Each one can turn quickly from your nemesis to you partner.

How do you get started? Look close to home? You are capable of making a huge difference by spending more time engaging with these developmental factors! It’s easy to vent and look to others, we all do it all the time but the world is still spinning and we need to make sure that we move with the times and work with these elements rather than against them.

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