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Did you know that the average child in your program creates a spend of around 150 x what they pay for a group lesson? Do the math, if a child pays $10 for a group lesson chances are if you keep them that they will spend $1500 on average per year!
Ok so flip this round. You as a parent or consumer are going to spend $1500. Do you expect customer service, a discussion at the start of the process, information, expectations?
One thing that has always perplexed me is the posted open sign up! Here is our list of classes, choose your class and pay here etc! It’s a little ironic that the one magic wand that every coach wants is the “how do I work with different ability levels in a group” one?
The solution is simple don’t take open sign up in part (open sign up is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays etc) or all of your program. What does this mean? It means sitting down and building your groups and INVITING players to specific groups and times.
Yes this is a lot of work first time through, and you won’t get everyone in the groups you want at the first go (usually 75% first time and around 90% on the second time you do it), but think about the level of customer care, think about how the parent feels now you have selected the place for their child. When they know their child is in the “right” group there is new level of customer loyalty. You will still have the difficult conversation once in a while when a parent wants their child in another group but you have those anyway.
New players will need a little more onboarding, maybe a 15 minute assessment or a trial session in a group after a conversation but it’s worth it. In a world where we have been removed from so many relationships for the last year and where digital communication moves faster and faster great customer care is both impactful and valued.
This is just one of the areas we will discuss at the It’s My Game II Conference. Join the conversation at the It’s My Game II Conference May 20th – 23rd 2021. Register now at www.itsmygame.net.

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