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Get the skills and knowledge you need to help girls make the tennis court their world! 

The number of girls playing tennis is not growing by the time players reach the age of 10 there are approximately one girl to every three boys playing events and tournaments and by the time they reach 12 more than 40% of these have dropped from competition.  This is a challenge for us all and one that at evolve9  and WTCA we wanted to contribute towards in the under12 age group. Not just about recruiting girls to our sport GTN is about retaining players at the crucial stage U12 stage.

We have focused our efforts on helping meet the needs of security, connection to others, individuality, creativity, learning and community. Through these six pillars we aim to make all coaches and parents more aware of the environments that they need to create and the behaviours that shape the engagement and value of tennis in a young girl’s life.

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