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Take Your Program to the Next Level!

Have you ever attended a training workshop and left feeling inspired but that your brain was about to explode. You thought it was an amazing experience but a month down the line you have not implemented even 10% of what you intended to.

question marktennis coach cutoutWe have! We liken these intensive bursts of information to learning to juggle by starting with 5 balls at once. Sounds great if you can really pull it off but honestly; you don’t know where to start. You can’t see the woods for the trees.

At evolve9, we have conducted countless workshops on junior tennis around the world. Some last only a few hours and some several days.  We have also had discussions with owners and directors who tell us that the energy and enthusiasm created in the workshops has not always been matched by the implementation. Despite our extremely positive experiences all over the globe, even we have questioned how to effect real change.

So we have created elevate! It’s a unique new way to drive your business.

exclamation markWe have combined our years of experience in coach education and club consulting to provide a system that will increase your effectiveness, efficiency and income. It’s not just training and it’s not just program development. Instead it’s a unique, but common sense approach to improving all elements of your program.

We will help you to define your goals, develop a better program and train your staff at the same time. Once you have signed up, you determine how many of your team are involved in the process and how many attend the training. As it’s based on improving your whole program every interaction is based on developing, knowledge, skills and understanding of the unique program we create with you.

Sign Up and You Will Get:

  • 6 Days of World Class On Court Training for you and all your staff (4 modules conducted over a 10 month period)
  • Support to develop a unique plan and curriculum specific to your facility or program
  • On going support through a special Online Project Room helping to keep you on track
  • Tools to deliver in house trainings to support the training days
  • Monthly telephone support
  • Access to evolution our unique U10 curriculum including competencies and program manual
  • Free access to evolve9.com

register yellow

elevate newNow Available – Elevate PAC (Player, Athlete, Competitor)

Need to create direction for your program by building a player curriculum that is unique for your facility with a little less support than the full Elevate program? Why not try the Elevate PAC program! It’s a 3 day condensed version of elevate but still with enough great content to help you to take your program to the next level! Click the register now button above to see venues.

Elevate Outline 3DElevate BluePrint 3D

Due to the hands on, customized approach that we take with elevate the program is open to a limited number of facilities but we still invite you to make use of these ebook manuals. Download the elevate Outline for more information and the Blueprint to get your transformation started.


Feedback from previous elements of the elevate program…

“Mike clearly knows his stuff and presents it in a professional way.  I not only enjoyed the experience but most importantly gained information applicable to making me a better tennis professional.  Thank you!”
Jason Noonan – Baton Rouge CC

 . . .

“Great conference.  Lots of usable information – loved the suggestions on how to deal with parents.”
Kathryn Sieberth – Former WTA Player

 . . .

“It was the best workshop!  If people did not get a lot out of it, they are brain dead.  I was mentally exhausted from all the great information.”
David Kimball – Southern Hills Tennis Center

 . . .

“One of the best and most informative educational experience I have ever attended.”
Ed Gaskell – General Manager and Director of Tennis, Bocage Racquet Club

 . . .

“A wonderful, fun and information packed learning environment for tennis pros to expand their tool boxes.  It is presented in a progressive and professional manner from someone who really understands youth tennis.  I’ve learned so much from attending his presentations over the years.”
Bill Phillips –  USPTA Southern Past President, USPTA 10U Committee Chairman

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