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Supporting Clubs & Federations

Mike's team at Evolve9 has helped hundreds of tennis clubs improve the way they teach young players which in turn has increased the number of young players in tennis. When clubs or even federations need help designing effective tennis programming for kids, they turn to Mike and the team at Evolve9"

Jorge Capestany, Director - TennisDrills.TV - PTR Pro of the Year 2019

Influencing Programs Around the World

“Mike is one of the most influential coach educators in our sport today. His progressive thinking challenges the status quo by creating educational resources that impact not only the bottom line, but are a driving force in generating growth within junior tennis around the world. Simply put, Mike makes learning fun, which is why you would be hard pressed to find a junior program that does not have the fingerprints of evolve9 infused within the daily curriculum.

Brian Parkonnen, COO - Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

Meaningful Transition Through Junior Tennis

Evolve9 is the leader in designing a meaningful transition from red to orange to green to develop a complete tennis player. Their expertise with junior tennis development, coupled with his unbridled passion for creating better young men and women, is one of most potent forces in our industry.

Ajay Pant, National Tennis Director Lifetime

Promoting Core Pillars of Tennis

Evolve9 is the innovative international tennis leader focused on consolidating and promoting the pillars of tennis that yield true growth. I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with Mike and the Team for over 25 years and I support their ongoing and increasing efforts to expand the game’s developmental base:!

Carlos Salum, Director - Salum International Resources

Building Values for Teaching Young Children!

Dennis and I have known Mike Barrell for many years. We share the same values for teaching young children; make it fun, keep them moving, keep them interested in learning and improving their skills!

Pat Van Der Meer, Director - Van Der Meer Academy

Ignite your imagination and your program!

Mike Barrell is one of the truly brilliant minds in tennis today. If you are organizing or teaching junior tennis, spending a day with Mike is guaranteed to ignite your imagination and arm you with numerous new ideas for your program

Walker Sahag, Director of Tennis - Francos Health Club

Developing National Play Driven Programs

We would like to thank Mike and the Evolve 9 team for making our 2019 ASB Classic Coaches Conference a success, his messages to our coaches about going back to basics and creating play-driven sport align with our vision for tennis in New Zealand.

Patrick Landy , Coach Development Manager - Tennis New Zealand


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