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  /  Uncategorized   /  DON’T RUN A KIDS TOURNAMENT!


It may sound like a weird statement but let me explain! There are multiple posts on the value of competition in this group, so of course we think kids tournaments are important (in fact I would venture it’s the most under developed and greatest need in kids programming today!) but look at the headline again! It’s not that you should not run A tournament but you should run a SERIES of tournaments.


Of course there is value is running a kids event, but I wanted you to read this 😉 It’s just that there is way more value in running a series!
  1. You can create a connected calendar to provide purpose for a years worth of lessons, each series leading up to an event!
  2. The concept of a series means players are motivated to play the tour in the same way as their heroes
  3. Parents and players understand the concept from all other sports of a series of connected events
  4. You can create a points system rewarding players for greater engagement, results and more
  5. Players, parents and coaches can easily see progress made across the series
  6. The set up and organisation becomes systematic and easier for coaches and assistants
  7. You save time of marketing by pushing the next event at the previous one.
  8. Its easy to connect branding, sponsors and more to something with more longevity.
So grab your calendar and work out what your plan is. Remember don’t make it too often as your players need to be a little hungry for the next one and you need to put the energy to make each one a highlight at a young age. More is not better, better is better and a great series is even better!


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