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Do you want to be a superhero? We can make it happen!

TW Kid Prince SquareVirtual reality is coming closer and closer to being mainstream and now you can stick on a pair of glasses and watch yourself jump tall buildings in a single bound, you can fly and bullets just bounce of your chest. Finally you get to be a real life superhero.

But for those of us that love and teach kids sports we will let you into a secret. This is not a new thing! It’s been around since the dawn of time. You have always been able to shoot webs from your wrists, pick up cars with one hand, and shoot fire from your eyes. Just teach kids the right way!

Last week I was training a group of young coaches from all over the world. The power of NYC brought them together at a club I regularly work with. Most had a playing background at least at college level, only three of sixteen were actually parents and all looked at the slower balls and smaller courts like it was more a necessary evil of their job as a coach. That was until we looked at the world through the eyes of a child.

“When a young child looks at you, you have the chance to be the greatest superhero in the universe or you can be that really dull coach that just talks about forehands. “

Teach kids sports and you..

  • Will be able to shape a child’s life. If they are inspired by your teaching they may be more active throughout their life and live longer.
  • Can start to build the skills that will be the foundation of athletic success. Most motor skills are developed before the age of ten and this physical literacy helps them to step into all sports.
  • Help them to understand about winning and losing and the exchange that comes from working hard for a goal. This is not just sports related but business and life skill related.
  • They will remember you for ever. Honestly if you are religious or not there is a way to live forever in the mind of a child!

There are many great reasons that you should teach the youngest kids and while you are not going to end up in the players box at a Grand Slam event as a result those guys don’t get to wear a cape and actually fly.

Just remember with great power comes great responsibility Spidey! Lucky you!

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