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I watched WTT for the first time last year while in Orlando and loved it, this year I would have have attended the event in Virginia had I not been 4000 miles away on the other side of the Atlantic. I was intrigued by the format the camaraderie and the almost open access to players. It

Are you tracking the right numbers? We work with programs all over the world and no matter where we are there are five measures that tell us which way a program is heading! Developing a great kids tennis program is a challenge but by making sure you are tracking the right numbers and making your decisions based on

When you open your mouth on a tennis court what comes out? It has been an interesting months reviewing lessons with coaches from around the world, sometimes via video and sometimes in real time. Reflecting on what we say and how that has an impact on our player(s) has always been an interest of mine. It dates back

Ok before we start here are a few confessions. I love tennis! It has given me a life that I could not have imagined, that I am grateful everyday. Tennis people are amazing (for the most part) and as a sport it has all the things that as a third brother I love. Other sports range from..  “Wow!”

Dear Tennis Coach, Just in case you need to complain, here is a list of things you can blame for the lack of development in the global tennis market. Computers, phones and online gaming Equipment Finances Parents Facilities Government investment Competition from other sports Officials Tennis Federations Manufacturers TV Coverage Busy lives Tournaments Venting over? Now look at

Running a circuit of activities can be a great way to manage groups, but get some of the key principles wrong and the circuit can become a complete disaster.   Everything twice If you have 20 players and want to do each task with two players then you might assume that you need 10 different activities but that

You may have times when children get over excited or misbehave this may be part of “testing the boundaries”; finding out what is acceptable and what is not. Sometimes the reason children are over excited is because of the behaviour of the coach! When we act over animated and a little crazy, this can send a

In our previous article we explored the learning concepts of: Open vs Closed Skills Light the Fire Challenge In part 2 we dive deeper into the learning techniques which are proven to make learning stick. Implicit Learning is Superior Implicit learning happens in an unconscious way, kids are not aware they are learning but the environment you have created

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