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If you are managing a junior program it's that time of year again! No you didn't get kidnapped by Dr Who and transported through time, or get jetted down to Australia, oh how I wish. But April is the month when you should have your preparations in place for the fall (September) session (term) and, although

In the clubhouse hangs a countdown clock. Fifteen days, ten hours and 12 minutes. The clock ticks second by second down to zero. Why is it there and what happens when the time runs out? All red, orange and green kids from the kids program know. In the time left they have to play as many tie

Sat across from the breakfast table this week I was watching a parent play a game of hangman with her son. If you don’t know the game you have to guess the letters in the mystery word and fill in the spaces. Each time you guess wrong a part of the hangman’s gallows, rope and body

One of the nine gaming mechanics that can be easily applied in kids tennis is the concept of 'levels'. By creating the possibility to achieve different levels in a game you will increase the motivation of players. But is this always the case? And how do you apply 'levels' in the right way? Here are five

Wayne Elderton is the head of Coaching Development for Tennis Canada in British Columbia.  He holds many tennis certifications and has received many awards, including the Tennis Canada Coaching Excellence award.  Wayne also developed acecoach.com to provide resources for coaches who wish to professionally develop and keep up to date with international coaching trends. Can you tell us how

Dejan Vukojicic is currently the Director of the Junior Tennis Program for Colonial Sun in Serbia. Can you tell us how you started playing tennis, and a little bit about your career as a coach? My mother was a tennis player and, following in her footsteps, I started playing at 8. I had also tried football but realised

At evolve9 we may notice them more often. Messages about gamification or ‘gamifying’ as it is sometimes called. Why do the people who are involved in the world of kid’s tennis make such a fuss about gamification? What is gamification good for? Is gamification the secret behind a great youth program? Let me start with a disappointing

Jason Wass is the Director of Tennis ay Sportime Kings Park, in New York.  He is an avid tennis player and very passionate about his kids program at Sportime. Can you tell us how you got into tennis and the kids program that you run?  My parents started playing tennis and I followed their footsteps around the age of 6. 

“Praise is easy to give, but in most cases lacks the connection to learning and as a result the athlete misses out on information relevant to learning and effort and how the two are related.” Kristoffer Berg   “Great shot,” said Bob. “Awesome effort Emma,” he went on. And perhaps worst of all, “Bad Luck Johnny.” For 10 minutes he barely

Children are by their very nature extrinsically motivated. They seek the rewards for their efforts, want to be loved and recognised by others. And like all of us they need to see the exchange process in action. The “Exchange” is a phrase used by a good friend, Doug Cash, from the USA. He uses it to talk

Harrison arrived at his tennis lesson and from the moment he hopped out of the car he was in a frantic state.  Parents who have dropped their children at Kindergarten will be familiar with the scene.  Hysterical screaming.  Mum desperate for him to do tennis.  Coaches attempting to coax him onto court.  Child hyperventilating and acting

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