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Avoid Idle match practice!!

Tennis is an open skilled sport, however many younger juniors are often drawn into playing in a closed environment. This often places them as the centre of the match situation opposed to a balance between them and their opponent.


The more quality of information a player can collect from the opponents game the more likely they will find a way to beat them. To help young juniors understand that they are only a part of the competitive process, let’s introduce introduce “conditioned points”.


Here are a few conditioned points to help avoid idle match practice.


“Break the sideline” – Players rally crosscourt but the point only starts when the ball rises over the sideline twice in a row by either player. Great exercise to encourage opening up the court.


” Hat tricks” – momentum in tennis is a huge match dictator. To win the game each player must win 3 points in a row. If your student can focus on their opponents weaknesses and play to their strengths they will find eventual success!


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