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Author: Mikeone

  /  Articles posted by Mikeone

WHAT'S IN MY BUBBLE? Integrating elements of the tennis environment! It was an interesting sight. I had been asked to watch 3 boys who were all highly ranked in their region. They were aged 7 – 9, the youngest being only 7 ½ but actually the biggest. All were playing on a regular court with a regular

The Three Worlds - Taking Your Program into 2021 and Beyond So that was it? Done! Probably the worse year in tennis history for us all! And yet most are still here. The head scratching of course is not over and the way ahead is far less predictable as we thought possible. If you are like me

Are You Ready to Each Your Veggies? If you have ever scratched your head and wondered "why this kid is just not getting it" then this post may shed a little light, but more than that you may refine and improve your coaching just by adding one key element, understanding why motivation is so important! We all know

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