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I watched a presentation today with a video clip of a “great example drill”. Although there was fun and action in the drill and it was organised there was zero teaching and no opportunity to either! As long as I can remember I have been taught not to have lines and if the pro hits more balls than the players then maybe he is the one who should be paying them, but recently a few experiences have made me think from a different perspective.

I now summarize the job under three key roles! The policeman, the doctor and the bartender!
  • The policemans job is to keep order, to create structure rules and keep everyone safe and active!
  • The doctors job is to make things better, create environments and keep things improving!
  • The bartenders job is to build relationships and undertstand the individual needs of the players.
So when organizing a lesson instead of asking should I have a line or no lines or what rotations do we need maybe we could start with what do the players need and then ask “Does the structure of this practice allow me to do those things?” If you are a great technical coach does your organisation stop you from being next to the player? If your players need confidence and some time to build the relationship are you glued to the basket and unable to connect?

There are no rules for this there is only meeting the needs of the players and doing all three parts of our job! But being the policemen is not enough you have to be free to be the doctor and bartender too!

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