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5 Creative Ways To Plan a US Open Event

The tennis world descends on Flushing Meadow this month to celebrate the final grand slam of the year.  Described by Forbes magazine as the “world’s most popular sporting event,” the US Open is a great chance for tennis coaches all over the world to take advantage of that popularity to give their own program a boost.

Planning a US Open Junior event is a must for your tennis program.  Try these creative ideas:-

  1. Get Under Lights.  The US Open was the first grand slam in 1975 to play under lights.  It was a great novelty then, and it will be a great novelty for your young players (who are likely to mostly play in daylight hours).  Schedule play to begin in the twilight and continue into the early evening under lights.
  2. US Open Catering.  US Open means Hot Dogs and Pizza.  Approach your local pizza shop and ask them to support your event by supplying a pizza dinner for all competitors.
  3. Encourage Fashion Sense.  From Andre Agassi wearing denim and fluro; to Federer and Sharapova wearing classic black the US Open has always been a chance for the players to express themselves after the traditional whites of Wimbledon.  Have an award for the best dressed player to encourage fashionable apparel.
  4. Reward Transition Play.  Many experts believe the US Open deco turf is the fastest grand slam surface now the perfect grass at Wimbledon has slowed down.  The fast courts give the pro’s a chance to play aggressive tennis.  Inspire attacking play by rewarding your players for playing approach shots and volleys.  Award a prize for the player with the most attacking game; or give small sport prizes to players who successfully execute an approach and volley combination.
  5. Set up the bleachers.  The Louis Armstrong stadium is the biggest stand-alone court in the world seating 23,200.  If you have any seating or viewing areas at your facility, take advantage of them and create a great atmosphere for your players.  Encourage some noise and support by awarding a prize to the best spectators on the night of your event.

These ideas can be just as easily applied to an adult US Open event (maybe add some iconic Budweiser Beer to the catering) to really launch your northern hemisphere summer of tennis.

For more creative ideas on how to run club based competitions to really engage your tennis kids “When Can I Play Again” is an essential resource.  Download it now from the pro shop.

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