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July 2016

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The tennis world descends on Flushing Meadow this month to celebrate the final grand slam of the year.  Described by Forbes magazine as the "world's most popular sporting event," the US Open is a great chance for tennis coaches all over the world to take advantage of that popularity to give their own program a boost. Planning

Ever notice that the main competition to your kids tennis coaching business is not the other tennis club down the street, but other sporting codes like football, cricket, baseball or basketball?  What have these sports got in common

Watching the Andy Murray returning master class while dismantling Milos Raonic during the 2016 Wimbledon Final it is tempting to think he must be a freak of nature.  That he has the reaction speeds of a superhero to return serves approaching 150mph. This is the common belief, that the elites of the game have special genetic gifts

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