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April 2016

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Does that sound like a positive opener? Being chosen!? Is that something that a parent wants to hear? Maybe it's not for the top team or as the winner of something but every parent wants to know that their child is being thought about individually. I remember when my daughter started Elementary (Infants) school. Even at the

Travelling the globe helping clubs with their programs always sounds glamorous (it's not what it seems) but there are certain constants that the tennis industry brings. The baseline is always in the same place and the net the same height, (well usually), coaches all want to know the same type of things like "How do you

Her face was red and eyes watering. After 15 minutes of yelling at me she took a pause, a breath and said. "Thanks so much, you have been great about this!"  I was in a state of shock and nearly fell over. I knew Mary, she was a good parent, although a little too attentive; her

If you are managing a junior program it's that time of year again! No you didn't get kidnapped by Dr Who and transported through time, or get jetted down to Australia, oh how I wish. But April is the month when you should have your preparations in place for the fall (September) session (term) and, although

In the clubhouse hangs a countdown clock. Fifteen days, ten hours and 12 minutes. The clock ticks second by second down to zero. Why is it there and what happens when the time runs out? All red, orange and green kids from the kids program know. In the time left they have to play as many tie

Sat across from the breakfast table this week I was watching a parent play a game of hangman with her son. If you don’t know the game you have to guess the letters in the mystery word and fill in the spaces. Each time you guess wrong a part of the hangman’s gallows, rope and body

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