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December 2015

  /  2015

Harrison arrived at his tennis lesson and from the moment he hopped out of the car he was in a frantic state.  Parents who have dropped their children at Kindergarten will be familiar with the scene.  Hysterical screaming.  Mum desperate for him to do tennis.  Coaches attempting to coax him onto court.  Child hyperventilating and acting

OK, now that I’ve got your attention with a controversial lead I want to assure that I value private lessons; and the importance of individual and expert attention in the development of a great little player.  I just want to tell you the story of Jack, a “talented” 9 year old. Jack and his Mum were into

Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful and talented singer / song writers on the planet right now.  Like many talented people, during Ed’s formative years a parent was a driving force behind his development – in this case his father.  This is also common in our sport where Richard Williams, John Tomic, Judy Murray et

Ok I know reading these blogs mean you have to have a certain sense of humor. You have to a slightly creative bent and a wry smile on your face as you read. This one is no less obscure and I hope, no less thought provoking. It's not the first time we have taken tennis metaphors

The Three Little Pigs - A Coaches Tale  Once upon a time there were three coaches who set out on their journey determined to build a player. The first coach decided that he wanted his player to win now, quickly so he taught only the strokes of tennis, ignored athletic development and the long term development of the

I have been in the tennis world for over 30 years and been to over 80 countries. Like most of us my office is full of books, magazine and dvds. I have seen thousands of drills and progressions. Magic tricks to and fixes were part of my special toolbox. How could I the all powerful, all

Little Amy had tears running down her cheeks and blood was spilling from her lip.  She had been hit by her friends racquet during her lesson and was now being consoled in her Mum’s arms.  As we scrambled to get the ice pack, Amy’s Mum was being very understanding, “Accidents happen darling,” she said trying to

For the second time this week I was at the playground with my two sons observing some typically fascinating interaction between young children.  Two girls were playing happily using all the equipment and experimenting with strength and balance as well as cooperating socially playing “shops” together.  The mood soon changed as two boys (not mine) charged

How the curse of gaming actually helped my coaching Christian was a handy 11 year old lefty.  Previously he had pretty much kept to the baseline and played pretty conservatively.  Today he surprised me by slicing his first serve out wide to the backhand, charging straight to the net and angling away my return with a crisp

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