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July 2014

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If you have ever been in a workshop with me then you will maybe have a clue where this one is going! I have a problem, yes I confess! And it is with FUN! Today I opened my emails to another notification saying we need to make tennis fun. We have all been bombarded by this message

I don’t know if it’s because we are down in Melbourne - Australia and my kids aren’t as clever as kids in other programs or because we don’t use traditional scoring for this level of players. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter! We don’t introduce “traditional” scoring at all for our Red Ball players. We use pegs,

According to a quick google search “OK” is the most spoken word on the planet. Not surprising as it’s a word that is familiar in many languages. But I am very sure that it is not the most important word in the world and for us as coaches, trying to enhance and direct learning it is

In many parts of the world mindfulness has been practiced for more than 2,000 years. More recently however, the Western world is beginning to recognise this method of focus and relaxation. Medical science has discovered the extent to which mindfulness can help neurological development, improving mental, emotional, social and physical health. Neuroscientists have found that long

Ok so this may seem to be off centre for a kids tennis website, but I was disappointed to see the commercial TV stations roll out “The Voice Kids” this month. The premise is that young kids sing in front of an audience and several celebrity performers who then choose the best young talent to progress through

  As a tennis coach, I have been fortunate enough to have "developed" some pretty solid players.  As most young coaches do, I had the attitude that I "knew" what I was doing and understood what it took to develop a player no matter what the age.   Well, seven years ago my wife and I had our first

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